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May 20, 2013

Just had a teen party for a high school prom night. We are a WFPB family, but felt obligated to cook a brisket for these guests. Some of the older boys did part take in the beef eating, but most really enjoyed the wraps served. I was pleasantly surprised! Wraps are easy to make and are very much like sandwiches only neater, require less bread, and make such a pretty festive tray. I used small sprinkles of my crispy baked bean burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, and my secret sauce. The trick is to “lightly” fill the tortillas spreading ingredients evenly over the entire bottom portion of the tortilla leaving the top edge empty for run over. Slightly fold the left and right side in to the middle of the tortilla and roll up using your fingers to carefully roll while keeping the ingredients in place. I usually cut them on a slant an stand them on end so that you may see the ingredients. You can put anything you would use to make a sandwich in them. Enjoy! They make a pretty platter and can keep in the fridge covered well up to a day ahead, if you don’t put to much mayo or secret sauce in them. Sauce will jeopardize the integrity of the tortilla if you use too much.

Fruit trays work well. You can make blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, melon, and grape kabobs using wooden skewers. Placing the loaded skewers in an attractive vase makes a lovely presentation. Lots of folks are watching what they eat these days if not for the waistline, for better health.

The Best of Health to You!

Lynn Stine

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