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The categories below have been provided for you pertaining issues in nutrition found from a variety of different sources (How Not to Die-Gregor, China Study-Campbell, youtube, and primary literature).

Fish oil is it really the best type of omega 3 fatty acid?

Fish oil is one of the leading supplements that our society is taking for cardiovascular health. Does it really do what it has been claimed to do? The answer in recent literature says . Fish oil especially supplementation has been reported to increase the likelihood of sudden cardiac death as reported from the DART-2 study (diet and re-infarction trial). DART-2 study is the sequel to an earlier study done in the 80's where they studied individuals with different recommendations on dietary advice. These groups consisted of fish advice group, non-fish advice group, and decreased fat (saturated) and increase polyunsaturated fats advice group, and a group advised to increase cereal fiber intake. Those on the fish advise group had a 29% decrease in overall mortality, however keep in mind this is from eating fish not capsule form (the only ones receiving capsuled oil were those that found fish to be distasteful). In the sequel they increased the sample size and did the experiment almost identically except this time they used men that had stable angina (chest pain upon exertion but relieved with rest). What they also did was split up the results from fish oil supplementation (capsule) from fish oil from consuming fish. What they found was that eating fish or fish oil supplement did not affect all-cause mortality but significantly increased chance of sudden cardiac death with an even higher significance with the capsuled form. Full text article

JAMA has also released a 2018 meta-analysis of 10 trials or 77,917 individuals, coming to the conclusion that there are no significant associations with omega-3 marine derived fatty acids and fatal, non-fatal, or any major vascular events. For full text click the link: