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Spinal Manipulation

This form of treatment is performed with a low amplitude manipulation to enhance joint biomechanics, stimulate mechanoreceptors, and aid in the restoration of normal joint motion.

Flexion Distraction

our office is equipped with flexion-distraction tables which help we restoring normal facet joint motion and glide as well as increase the nutrition to the disc through a process called imbibition. This is an effective way to manage bulging and extruded discs.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation

This is a type of soft tissue treatment that uses a metal tool to manipulate the soft tissues and aids in the breakdown of fibrous tissue that may be hindering proper muscle glide.

Trigger Point Therapy (ischemic compression)

Used to relax tightened or balled up muscle by adding moderate pressure to the area of interest, this exhausts sensory nerves to the muscle then allowing the muscle to relax.